Friday, March 2, 2012

A Cinnamon Latte

I can see myself easily becoming addicted to coffee, I'll likely need lots of booster to stay awake all the time I'll need to. I love writing and reading late into night, because no one is awake to bug me, all time is mine, and cinnamon latte; the sweet, steamed milk foam and creamy flavor will always be my best friend. When I talk about coffee,  I'm sure there are tons of variations out there such as espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino, mocca, macchiato, etc
For me, the taste of coffee and cream is often the expression of a need for emotional comfort. Perhaps that is why I choose coffee as my example, coffee, the metaphor is similar to beverage that it provides both sensory pleasure during consumption. I learned from trying to push the metaphor further than I thought it could go. For instance, I'm physically addicted to coffee, I've made the choice to have it daily knowing that if I ever can't get it, or have some compelling reason to stop drinking it, I am in for a week of miserable headaches and joint pain. I can mitigate that a bit by gradually tapering off my consumption, but I can't avoid it all together. 
My body would mourn the loss, just as my mind would mourn the loss of a person I loved, the brownish cinnamon latte.


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