Friday, July 6, 2012

Semar Badranaya The Earth Patron, the famous actor in wayang

So there is semar, a famous actor in wayang java exibihition. This actor only in java presentation, that is perform wise of java value. Usually wayang stories perform mahabarata or rammayana setting, but in the middle story round, semar and the child are appearing at “goro-goro” round. Semar is accompanied by three the childs, that is; gareng, petruk, bagong. There is  four slaves called punakawan. Can be watchinged, almost in wayang purwa exibihition, will appear  knight be followed by semar, gareng, petruk, bagong. Story anything told, five this figures occupies important position. Their story is preced to begin from a hermitage saptaarga or another hermitage. After get assorted science and advices from the Begawan ( Brahmin = spiritual teacher ), they have mission/duty to apply advices that got, with do “tapa ngrame”. (help without purpose).

Narrated, trip the knight and to four the slaves enters forest. This describe that the knight begins to enter life field never known, dark, full coppice, many beast, wicked creature ready intercept it, even if careless can threaten the soul. But in the end knight, semar, gareng, petruk, bagong success pick victory with beat giant companion, so that success out forest safely. Outside forest, hindrance stills to intercept, danger always threaten. Blessing semar and the children, the knight can remove all hindrance and success finish the alive task safely.

Why does part semar and the children very determine success a life? that is semar be exertion description god that come along to proceed in human life. More clarify part semar, so figure semar equiped with three another figures. Four punakawan be symbolized from cipta, rasa, karsa and karya. Semar has characteristic juts that is white tuft. White tuft at head as simbol from idea, clear brainchild. gareng has characteristic that jut that is kero knotty (cross-eyed), defeat in hand and lame in the foot. Three physical defect symbolizes taste, not taste in food meaning but in the heart. eye defeat ( cross eye), vigilance taste, hand defeat accuracy taste and lame foot carefulness taste. Petruk is symbolized from wish, willing,or  karsa in java language that described in second his arms. If moved, second hand like second one who cooperate well. Hand in front of indicate, choose what he want, hind hand has held tight what chosen. While work is symbolized bagong with two hands fifth wide opened the finger, mean always ready to strive.
Create (at the brain) or cipta at java language, taste (in the heart) or rasa at java language, willing  or karsa at java language and work be one unitary inseparable. create, taste, willing and work stays in one area that named individual or man innermost, symbolized knight figure.

Ideal human description is human individual description intact, where create, taste, wiiling (karsa) and work can occupied the function each harmonicly, to then walk along aim noble aim. Thereby be clear that between knight and punakawan has connection significant. Knight figure success in the alive and achieve ideal aim if is provided a clear idea (create)s, honest heart (taste), wish, round determination (karsa) and want to strive (work). Knight symbolization and four the slaves, similar to 'ngelmu sedulur papat limo pancer. One of the java custom belief kind, javanese philosophy.
Sedulur papat is punakawan, lima pancer is knight. Position pancer present intermediate, flanked by two old brothers (kakang mbarep, kakang kawah) and two young brothers (adi ari-ari and adi wuragil).
ngelmu sedulur papat limo pancer will born from resuscitation concept beginning human beginning will be created and human life final purpose (the paraning dumadi).Beginning human is created at first moment approach birth. Before the baby (baby is pancer) borns from mother uterus, appear first time is worry, feel the mother. Worry that is called kakang mbarep or oldest brother at english. Then at the time of approach that baby borns, out clear liquid or amniotic fluid ( banyu in java language ), to protect the baby, so that fluent parturition and soft baby skin not chafed or wounded. Amniotic fluid that is called kakang kawah ( creater brother). After baby will born be followed with out it placenta and blood. placenta is called adi ari-ari or plasenta young brother in english and blood is called adi wuragil or youngest brother.

Ngelmu sedulur papat limo pancer give pressure that, human is gived to this world not alone. There four brothers that accompany. Pancer is suksma/soul and sedulur papat is body. The combine of suksma/soul and body gives a life.
Connection between pancer and sedulur papat in life, described with a coachman restrains a carriage, pulled by four horses, rose colored, black, yellow and white. carriage coachman symbolizes freedom to decide and make a certain. red horse symbolizes energy, spirit, black horse symbolizes biological need, yellow horse symbolizes spritual need and white horse symbolizes clearness, purity. As coachman, of course not easy restrain four horses mutual different character and the need. If the coachman can to restrain and cooperate with to four the horses well and balance, so carriage will go to final purpose. java wisdom is Sangkan paraning dumadi.


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